About Us

As an organization, keeping the children safe while online is one of our top priorities. As parents, we realize it is a challenge all parents faces in this time of cyber bullying, internet fraud, and terrorists using the internet as their recruiting tools.

While the many advantages of the internet are undeniable, for example shopping, doing research, connecting with teachers and other students online can make our lives a lot easier, but we are at a critical time and now face the growing problem of internet fraud, hacking, and other criminal activities.

Additionally, our kids seem to be worse off than us, and they face too many problems while on the internet. Children can unintentionally be exposed to inappropriate or adult materials while on the internet. Social media and apps are ubiquitous these days, and while they can be a great tool to stay connected and communicate with friends, they can also be a way for kids and young people to be targeted. Other growing concerns are cyber bullying, use of the Internet by terrorists to radicalize and recruit young people into terrorism, and also the misuse of digital images.

As security advocacy organization, we have been in the forefront in providing and advocating for internet safety awareness for home.

As a well-known and established organization, we have come to know from experience that the best defense to address these is to be emotionally connected with your kid, and discuss your concern about these issues with them before they happen.

Over the past 10 years, we have developed plan and courses aimed at teaching parents how to connect with the kids and teach them how to properly use the internet. We have also partnered with governments, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, German and many other countries. We also have a partnership with other organizations, chief among them the United Nations and others.

Having grown into such a large organization with more than 100 governments partnering with us, and over 1 billion people connecting with us, we have expanded our base and now have offices and facilities in over 30 countries across 6 continents.

We are an organization that has given our due in sensitizing the public about the merit of connecting with the kids and teaching them how to stay safe while they are using the internet. Our 15 years experience in providing excellent safety tips has made us the authority voice on the issue. We are more than resolved to continue to provide an unmatched service and leadership in the years to come.