Benefits of Using our Service

For over 15 years now, Connect with your Kids has campaigned for internet security awareness, especially for kids. From a simple awareness campaign, we have grown into a world recognized organization and our services spanning over six continents. The growth has not come easy; rather, it came as a result of the determination, persistence, and sacrifice by some noble-minded individuals who are passionate about protecting our homes and kids from cyber criminals.

Today, almost every home all over the world is using our service in one way or the order. Our many free courses, seminars papers, and tips on our website are found almost everywhere.

Today, we are much more committed to seeing that you and your children do not fall into the trap of cyber criminals. This is the reason; we are on high alert and the lookout, and always researching for new criminal methods used by these unscrupulous beings trying to infiltrate your home.

Although we have many materials freely given out by us on the internet, it will be your favor to sign up for our newsletter so as to be able to get quick access to new information from us. Criminals are never tired of their criminal activities; rather, they are always looking for a tiny opening of a security lapse to exploit. This makes it imperative that you sign up with us and register for our courses.

We have more than a billion people from united state, China, Israel, United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India, and more than over   40 countries as our partners. We are also in partnership with the United Nations and many non-government organizations who are working with us in our effort to keep homes and children safe from threats emanating from the internet.

Being a global brand, we are fortunate to have access to a vast source of information and research centers. Additionally, we can attract the best brains in security field and analyst. Consequently, we have always been a step ahead of criminals in finding out internet security flaws amongst other areas.

Whatever you needs are, we are confident that we have you covered. We have developed many cyber security tools for your home. From setting parental controls to software that let you set strong passwords, as well as encryption software for your home use.

Our goal is, has always been, and remains to help you connect with your kids, and protect your home from cyber intruders. This together with our passion to protect the children privacy at this critical age of the internet has been the greatest consideration for our service. Any other issue is secondary.  We remain devoted to the safety of the children.