At this point, you must have mastered the basic of the Pokémon Go, and now looking to buy Pokemon go accounts. You might as well like to have something similar to a snowball’s chance in hell of conquering you are the Pokémon Gym in your neighborhood as well. It is important that you aware of the fact that you are in the right place. Below are among the facts that we wished we had an idea of before we started playing this amazing game, that at some point might seem addictive.

Ensure You Don’t Power up Those Pokémon

It is one of the hardest things to explain to people that play Pokémon Go: You cannot in any way be attached to any of these interesting Pokémon monsters if you actually intend on succeeding in this world.

Three reasons:

  1. Majority of the Pokémons you find are actually not worth to be powered up – because if you continue to play the game and the same increase your trainer level, you will be eligible to find strong ones.
  2. One of the fast ways to increasing your trainer level is evolving and harvesting loads of weak Pokémon and grind them into candy. That was merely a joke.
  3. The rarest, coolest Pokémons you find are worthless for battling, this is because you will not find them in sufficient amount for candy. The new buddy system seems to be of assistance but it can be very slow.

Capturing Pokémon Becomes Harder

Before you manage to catch Pidgey, you might most definitely run out of Pokéballs. Below are some tips that can assist you in preventing you from wasting your Pokéballs.

Having the balls flicked the same time, the same way will not work. Different Pokémons are at different distances, thus this is enough information to let you know you should throw the balls accordingly. Zubats are very far, whole Pidgeys, on the other hand, are closer.

Every time that you a Pokémon jumps out of a Pokéball, they tend to be even further away, thus making it important that you throw further.