After the release of Counter-Strike; Global Offensive in the early period of 2012 and its recognition as a form of e-sport, the publicity of the game has increased, thus having more users in its community than ever before. If per chance you are one of the new users in the CSGO community with a CSGO fresh account, probably reeled in because of its popularity in the gaming community, below you will find some tips that will assist you in improving your CS skills.

Ever since the first release, Counter-Strike has had the reputation of not being easy to start playing. The majority of the new users tell tales of how hard it is to play and how they got piped when they started out with the game. The steep learning curve is one of the reasons that many new players in the community were scared off over the last 15 years.

  • Practice, practice, and practice – As it is mentioned earlier, this is not an easy game compared to others of similar genre. It is somewhat impossible for you to master the game play overnight. One guaranteed procedure to follow in order to attain mastery is playing and playing more often.


The other content of this list will assist you with getting faster, which is augmenting the time you spend playing Counter Strike but trust me there is no advice in the world not even by the developer that will guarantee your mastery with CS without you investing hours of play. It is quite uncommon to see individuals in any server that have over 1500+ hours of in-game time.


  • Having your setting in order – As a new user playing on a CSGO fresh account, it is advised that you take the time to figure out what sort of audio, video and control settings that really work for you.


Actually, there are no control settings that are correct, so it is your sole responsibility to find out what actually works best with your current hardware and your personal preferences. It is important you ensure you are getting a minimum of 64 frames per seconds because that is the tick rate of the official matchmaking servers for CS:GO.