An influencer is essentially somebody who conveys impact over others. A social media influencer is somebody who uses that impact through web-based social networking. A case in point is Kim Dao, who has had the benefit of working with numerous brands. As the organizer of the kimdao Blog and the host of a favorite YouTube channel, Kim Dao can touch a sizable gathering of people keen on her bits of knowledge and feelings in regards to an extensive variety of topics, particularly those related to worldwide travel, cosmetics, and fashion.

Before connecting with a prospective social media influencer, you’d have to deliberate on the three Rs of impact:

  • Reach: The number of individuals you could conceivably reach through the influencer’s adherent base that would convey an incentive to your business.
  • Relevance: The social media influencer is sharing substance and building up a following that is pertinent to your business and the specific market section you need to target.
  • Resonance: The potential scope of engagement the influencer can make with a group of people that is significant and important to your brand.


Some important questions to ask yourself:

Who are you attempting to impact?

The usual answer is: you’re attempting to impact your clients, prospects, and the more extensive industry group. These are three altogether distinct groups, and a successful influencer marketing strategy requires that you approach the ideal individuals using the correct tools (and, for this situation, the correct influencers), just as you do in the majority of your other marketing drives.

Who do your clients, community, and prospects trust?

For marketers, the key necessity for genuine impact is trust. Your watchers must trust and hold the views of the influencers you work with in high esteem. An enormous follower count, for example, as evidenced on the kimdao YouTube channel, is aimless without confirmation that those devotees are focusing, and a lesser devotee count can be powerful if it’s a niche territory and the prospective influencer is a renowned trailblazer.