With over 12 million worldwide players and rising, League of Legends is amongst the most well-known multiplayer game. It consists of a number of mind grabbing challenges which keep even the most extreme gamers captivated, with every new challenge and surprises waiting to unfold. With the demand for influence points (IP), it’s best to read up on league of legends guide on lolepicshop.com.

Every summoners influence depends solely on the amount of IP the player has. The IP is measured based on the player’s performance in the match gameplay. Thus your odds of gaining IP lies on the Fields of Justice, depending on the skills your team possesses and the amount of time spent in the gameplay.

League of Legends gameplay is based on two teams, each with their minions and champions charging through each other’s defenses against all challenges and minions in other to destroy the opponents HQ (Nexus). Influence points are of a great advantage during this gameplay, as they can be used if enough to unlock champions, expanding the champions counter-pick and pool, giving you an upper hand against your opponent.

Gaining IP is set under a structure based on the time and base caps. For instance, on every win within every 24hrs, you get a nice IP bonus. And you also get to load up your IP when you win a game each day.

The league of Legends is a broad game, although Influence point guide is important in getting good at the game, it’s only a small part of what you need to know. In other to get more information read up on a LoL guide by someone with a great experience on the game at lolepicshop.com.