Paris is such a wonderful location for your incredible pictures. Couples can have a honeymoon, engagement, maternity session or anniversary in Paris, or simply just be in Paris with a loved one. Be that as it may, the City of lights is also perfect for families, solo travelers or groups of friends, with fashion shots or portraits for instance. Photography sessions, for example, the ones offered by J. Leal, Fotografo en Paris, will permit you to encounter a Paris visit among the most delightful points of interest, and make together some spectacular fine-art photography to share with online friends or print and show everywhere on the walls of your house when you return home!


What’s The Best Time for a Paris Photo Shoot?

The straightforward answer is that the best time for a Paris photo shoot is the point at which you feel most stimulated and upbeat. The most mainstream times of the day are dawn, dusk, and evening … and here’s the reason:



The time when the sun gradually shows up over the skyline in the morning: daybreak or sunrise

  • only time to get photographs at your most loved Parisian settings without distracting sightseers
  • offers probably the most pleasing lighting conditions
  • great chance to get silhouettes
  • increased privacy



The period signifying the end of the day and the beginning of the night

  • the most enchantingly romantic time for photographs in Paris
  • soft, flattering light guarantees no squinting in photographs, no blown out shadow specifics in your outfits, and, imperatively, no off-putting shadows
  • priceless chance to get both daytime and evening time photographs inside an hour
  • more privacy than daytime
  • starting late implies you have the chance to commission expert beauty services if wanted



  • the time when Paris feels most invigorated and fun
  • excellent privacy
  • best open door for Champagne shots
  • starting late implies you have the chance to commission expert beauty services if needed