Shopping for the best survival knife that can meet your needs and requirement can be challenging at times. This is due to the numerous survival knife reviews and lots of survival knives available in the market and even diverse opinions about the right and best survival knife.

Though peoples’ requirement and taste are different, you might want your knife to have some personalized features; but you must note that there are other important and constant features that all high-quality knives should have.

Below are some important Features to look out for in all quality knives

Fixed Blade

This is the first feature that you should look for in a quality knife. When you are shopping for good survival knives, ensure that it has a fixed blade. These kinds of knives are durable and have the strength to handle all sorts of heavy usage and rough treatment than a folding knife and are effective for chopping and cutting purposes.

Full Tang

This is the second feature that you should for in a good knife.  The tang can be described as the part which connects the blade metal to the knife handle. In actual fact, the whole length of a knife should be designed using a piece of steel with the attachment of the handles to any side of the tang or to cover the entire tang. Also, on many good survival knives, there is usually a visible tang butt cap on the edge of the knife utilized for hammering purposes.

Quality Steel

This is the third constant. This is one important factor that set apart the inexpensive knives from the quality knives and the quality knives from the high-grade ones. There are two main types of steel, Stainless and non-Stainless. Non-stainless is generally tougher than Stainless steel but can easily decay and rust. There are numerous types of stainless ranging from the complete junk to some of the most costly product available in the marketplace.