Statistics have it that there are over 90 million active monthly users, 8500 likes pressed per second, 40 million photos shared per day, and 1000 comments shared per second, it is not news anymore that Instagram, is not a large community that your business can be a part of. However, right before your business extracts the most value from Instagram, it is important that you first get more seguidores Instagram.

After reviewing people’s behavior and doing a lot of reading up on blog posts about efficient methods to get more on Instagram, I want to share with you 2 practical and simple tip that you can have implement from henceforth. Here they are:

  1. Share relatable, humanized photos

One of the things I noticed from popular Instagram accounts is that most of the photos shared are relatable, humanized and personal. This means that they take photos that their audiences can relate to emotionally, including current activities, behind-the-scenes shots, inspirational and motivational scenery, etc. The photos do not necessarily have to be perfect; the most important factor is making the audience see it as a real-life content taken by a human being and just a brand strategy.

In order words, it is advised that you do not use Instagram as a platform to boast about things, most especially if you are looking to build for yourself a community of loyal followers.

  1. Connecting your Facebook account

One of the simple this that most Instagram user overlook is connecting their Facebook account. The question is that – Why does that matter? Since Instagram in part of Facebook, many Instagram activities are streamed onto Facebook walls, meaning that every time that you like a photo or upload a photo, the story can be shared on a Facebook feed of your friends. This will assist in providing your brand with a lot more exposure and more active and involving followers.

Not to mention, Instagram assists you to find all your Facebook friends and for auto-following. By linking your Facebook account, you will make it easier for all your network/friends to find you a lot easier.